Updates to our Java Content

Updates to our Java Content

Good news! We’re updating several lessons in our Java curriculum to pave the way for more Java content in the future. You’ll now have an improved experience learning Java on our site.


Our lessons can always improve! Before these updates, our Java content spanned a lot of topics at a quick pace and ended leaving you wanting more.

We’ve seen the overwhelming demand for Java content, so we decided to rewrite our courses so that they explore these topics at a slower pace and in more depth. These changes lay the foundation for the expansive Java curriculum we’ll be releasing in the months to come.

How does this impact you?

If you’ve previously started or completed any of the Java lessons: Introduction to Java, or Object-Oriented Java, you will notice updates to the exercise order, the narratives, and code.

The lesson on Data Structures has been removed and will be reintroduced in mid-April. Conditionals and Control Flow will also be updated at that time.
If you’ve previously completed these lessons, some of your progress will be lost; when revisiting any of the exercises, you’ll notice changes to workspace code. If you were in the middle of a lesson, you will lose your progress.

Even if you’ve completed these older lessons, we highly encourage you to take the new and improved versions.


The lessons will be updated beginning at 9:00 AM EST on Thursday, March 7th, 2019. We expect the updates to be finalized by 10:00 AM EST the same day. During this time, the Learn Java course will be unavailable.
Take a look below to get an overview of the updates.

Changes to Introduction to Java

These lessons will still teach the same material included in older versions but will have a new and improved feel that explores each topic more deeply.

More depth means more lessons! Our older content had a single lesson that introduced the language, data types, and operators.

Our new content has three lessons exploring the same topics, as well as some new areas.

Introduction to Java Lesson now covers:

  • Compiling
  • IDEs & Program Structure

Variables and Data Types Lesson now covers:

  • The String object
  • The .equals() method
  • String concatenation


We’re updating our Java content so it explores topics in greater depth and provides more opportunities for learning and practice. The Data Structures lesson will be temporarily unavailable during the change.