Want to Gain Confidence? Try These Helpful Techniques

Want to Gain Confidence? Try These Helpful Techniques

Feb 22, 2019

By Sarah K.

One way to make a big difference to your life is to gain confidence. From negotiating your salary, to standing up for yourself, to believing you can make your dreams a reality, confidence is often the most important ingredient. But confidence doesn’t come naturally to most of us. For the majority of people, those big moments where you have to believe in yourself usually result in self-doubt and a little anxiety. This is normal.

The good news is that confidence isn’t just a magic quality that some people have and some people don’t. Confidence can be developed, it just takes a few tricks and some practice. It might seem impossible at the start, but if you keep a few things in mind then you really can gain confidence with time. Here’s a few simple tips to get you started.

1. Take care of yourself

One of the best ways you can begin to value yourself and see your own importance more is to start taking care of yourself a little more. Take some time to make sure you are eating a little better or giving your body the exercise it needs. Over time, you will begin to see the improvements you have made to your health and the importance of valuing yourself.

2. Give someone some help

It could be something small, with a neighbour, a friend, a colleague, or a complete stranger. Most of us have a family member who could do with a little assistance in their lives, especially the elderly who need caregiving sometimes. By making a difference in someone else’s life you will see just how impactful you can be, which can be a great way to gain confidence.

3. That voice is not right

We all have voices in our head that tell us things we shouldn’t listen to. Those voices can trick us into doing silly things, but did you know there are some great psychological techniques for ignoring or controlling those voices? The next time you hear the voice that tells you that you can’t do something, or don’t deserve something, just remember “It’s just a voice, that doesn’t make it accurate.”

4. It’s not about what you can do right now

If someone asks you to do something that you can’t do, don’t lose confidence. The only important thing that is that you can find the motivation to learn how to do this thing, or that you can tell the person this is just not possible. Having confidence is not just about who you are right now. It’s definitely not about who you used to be. It’s about who you are going to become.

So, keep these few tips in mind, gain confidence little by little each day, and keep moving forward. This can make a real difference to your life and work, so give it a go. A more confident you starts today.