We’ve Lost Our Hyphen!

We’ve Lost Our Hyphen!

Take a look at the URL bar in your browser. Does something look a little different? That’s right, Class Central no longer has a hyphenated domain name. Last week we went from www.class-central.com to www.classcentral.com, all one word.

Losing a hyphen may seem like a small thing, but make no mistake, switching to a Forever Domain Name is a rite of passage for a startup. It’s like when Facebook famously stopped being “thefacebook”, or when Dropbox dropped “getdropbox.com”. Our domain name and the name of our company are now one and the same, with no punctuation to stand in the way of our progress.

For users, this change should be almost imperceptible (though you may need to log into the site again — sorry about that!). Any links you have bookmarked should still be functional. Everything on the site should work the same as always. Of course, if you notice any problems, please let us know by emailing contact at classcentral dot com. (Doesn’t it feel good not to type a hyphen?)

Yes, we know that people will still mix up our name. We’ll still be referred to as MOOC Central, Course Central, and “What’s that website where you can find online courses?”

Today, we are simply proud to be ClassCentral.com. #nohyphen #alloneword.

P.S. By the way, we also have a new About Page. Come meet our team! 🙂