What Students Are Saying About Acts of Kindness, Internet Habits and Where They’d Like to Be Stranded

What Students Are Saying About Acts of Kindness, Internet Habits and Where They’d Like to Be Stranded

Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, my mom and I have cooked numerous dishes for older people we know. We made lasagna, cake, soup, various treats, vegetable plates, and more. We do so to promote them to quarantine and eliminate any reason for them to leave the house. My mom also buys groceries for her parents and older friends. I try to lighten up my grandparents by calling them. I do other types of community service within my girl scout troop, including fundraisers, making blankets and for animals in shelters, and caroling to elders. On our own, my mom and I hand out water and granola bars to homeless people. The quote “it’s better to give than to receive” does have some truth. If you are in a place to give, then give, so someone in need gets help.

Isadora Monteith, J.R. Masterman

As the world is going through a pandemic, our school decided to send a care package to three different hospitals in South Korea (that is where I live). We donated snacks, drinks, shampoo, soap and handmade cards. I am also growing my hair so I can donate it to make wigs for children with cancer. During easter our family and some other people brought masks and gave it to others in need.

Allison Go, South Korea

Recently, my sister and I realized that our bookcases were full of books we had not read in years, either because we had already read them, or because they were children’s books. With all the free time we had over the weekend, we decided to sort through our books and decide which ones to donate. We each ended up with huge piles of books, and we organized them into categories. At this point, we could have donated all of the books to some organization. However, we wanted to know exactly where our books were going so we could feel the effect of the deed more. My mom posted pictures of all of our books on the “Moms of New Rochelle” Facebook group with the caption “free books.” She instantly began receiving messages from mothers who said their children were running out of books to read since the libraries are now closed. We messaged back and forth with some of the mothers, suggesting books for their children based on their ages and interests. Every mother expressed gratitude; one even asked how she could repay us, telling us she could send us gloves if we wanted. We refused, partly because we did not need gloves, but also partly because the good feeling we got from doing the deed was sufficient pay.

Daviel Schulman, New Rochelle, NY

During the coronavirus epidemic my church has supported homeless people by giving them food and items like a mask, hand sanitizer, and blankets to stay safe. Homeless people right now need as much help as possible to stay healthy during the pandemic. They don’t have the money or the resources to stay afloat. I believe with everything that my church does can help them.

Izel, J.R. Masterman

Since I can remember, my family’s value system has been based on volunteering and helping others. I don’t remember a season where my temple congregation was running an annual charity drive that my family did not help execute. Throughout my life I have renovated parks, run food donation trips, and organized clothing drives. Not only were these roles expected of me, it felt natural to spend my time giving to others. During the high holidays, I had the opportunity to donate over 500 bags of food to our local food kitchen with my youth group. Giving to others helped me realize that life was much bigger than what was right in front of me. The action of providing help, health and happiness to others filled me with a joy I had never experienced. I am lucky enough to be able to give onto others and it is one of the most valuable gifts one can achieve.

Hayden Roberge, New Rochelle, NY

One of my friends has an upcoming Bar Mitzvah. Many kids do a mitzvah protect for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. A mitzvah project is a project that helps other people. My friend chose to do his at the Jewish Relief Agency (JRA). At the JRA, once a month, people come to a warehouse and help pack boxes with food. Then people deliver the boxes to people who need the food. I often went to help him pack and deliver boxes with him. I think that the act was incredibly beneficial to me because It helped me realize how many people need help in this world. This experience was also really fun. That made me realize that helping others can be as exciting for you as it is for the person you are helping sometimes

Jonah Smith Posner, J.R. Masterman

I haven’t really been able to do too many things for people other than texting and calling people to let them know I’ve been thinking of them. I have been trying to make an effort to talk to people I don’t normally talk with, just offering a fun conversation to distract from the world. An act I have experienced is people I don’t normally talk to reaching out to talk to me, and that meant a lot, and that is what inspired me to start doing the same.

Jamie, Healy, AK