What Students Are Saying About ‘Learning Loss’ During the Pandemic

What Students Are Saying About ‘Learning Loss’ During the Pandemic

In classes like math, social studies, or science, I feel like I’m learning just as much as I would in person, just in a different format, with google forms instead of test papers. In other classes, such as music and art, I feel like I’m missing out. Music used to be one of my favorite classes, where we would get to sing as a class or sketch while our music teacher talked. Now, we spend the whole period taking notes. In art, we used to chat with each other while we worked on our paintings/sketches, but we can no longer do that.

Fiona, JR Masterman School

I feel I have experienced learning loss. Some activities are much more difficult to do online as well as after-school clubs. For example, debates were much easier in person than online. Online debates have more interruptions and you can’t always tell who is speaking. Personally, it was easier for me to learn in a school environment because online school really pushes self-motivation which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I just feel the workload can be a lot since it is online and it is draining as well and can be much worse when all motivation is gone.

Alyssa, R.H.G.H.S

Luckily, I do not feel a learning loss academically during the pandemic. Especially, for the school year which started last fall, my courses are very rigorous and I do not feel the homework assignment lessened than a normal school year. I’m online studying for all my sophomore year, but to be honest, the classes are still challenging and I’m learning a lot. My school is doing hybrid learning: one week on campus and one week virtual. The course load is pretty heavy with tests and quizzes almost every week for different subjects. My teachers are always there to set up a zoom with me for office hours and talk with me despite my different time zone. All my classmates open their cameras during the virtual week, and there’s hot history debate and seminar taking place online, discussion, and sharing writing pieces during English class. Many of us may take this for granted.

Susie, Pennington, NJ

I definitely struggled during the spring of 2020- which I’m sure goes for a lot of other kids. I think I was so overwhelmed by the surrealism of the entire situation that it didn’t even feel like my schoolwork was important; everything felt like a dream. Since then I have definitely better adjusted to online schooling- and I do think that if the pandemic had not happened I would be short of a lot of significant knowledge I gained this year. I have certainly become more active and interested in current events, but I have also grown as a person, and although living through COVID has been really hard at times, I am so incredibly lucky to say that I probably gained more than I lost during these times.


Many people have many different opinions when it comes to this but I think that I have personally learned the same amount that I would have if I was in school. Even though doing school remotely makes things much more difficult and is very untraditional I have found it much easier. In school, I always find the atmosphere much more stressful than when you are at home. So when I’m at home I’m able to pay more attention than I would have at home. I also think you can go a bit more at your pace when it comes to learning even though you have set due dates. Another thing that I love about online learning that has made it easy for me to continue to learn is being able to gather information very easily. Whenever my teachers post slideshows or notes I can always go back to them and regather that information. Over this past year, I have learned so many new things and grown so much academically.

Alva, brooklyn, ny