What Students Are Saying About Politics in School, Who They Turn To in a Crisis, and Stress

What Students Are Saying About Politics in School, Who They Turn To in a Crisis, and Stress

When I find myself struggling with my mental health, anxiety about school, friends, and even family, I always turn to my mom. She knows me better than I know myself and she always knows exactly how I feel. She had me knowing that she was going to be a single mom alone in Miami; she is by far the strongest person I know.

Sofia Noonan, Hoggard High School Wilmington, NC

During a crisis, the main people who I turn to is my family because I am the most comfortable communicating with them. Even though I often want to deal with the issue myself and am reluctant to turn to them, I know my parents are the only ones who can understand me well enough to actually empathize with me.

Sahil Patel, Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC

I say my grand-mother is who I turn to in a crisis because we have a bond like no other. She is insightful and well articulated when it comes to discussing life. I do not turn to my friends or peers in a crisis like I have in the past. Peers are less likely to ease my mind due to lack of knowledge or experience with words or life in general in comparison with my grand-mother

Grace Smith, Hoggard High School, Wilmington NC

Ultimately, adults have more life experience and maturity to give teens advice that will result in them making the best choices. I also know that personally, I have felt awkward or unqualified to give advice to friends who struggle with mental health. Adults and trained mental health professionals, on the other hand, have the emotional maturity and expertise to handle a crisis. Although it might be more awkward approaching an adult at first, it is ultimately a better decision.

Jillian Steeves, Danvers, MA

In times of a crisis, I usually don’t turn to anyone in particular for help. In fact, I internalized most of my conflicts. I always try to deal with problems in my life by myself. But I do try and help other people with their own crisis or problems. Through helping other people I am able to understand how to deal with my own problems. Sympathizing for others helps put my mind at ease and overcome my own problems.

Ralph Agua, Classical High School

When I’m in a crisis, mostly, I just box everything up. I know I shouldn’t, but I have several deep seated issues, be it a fear of embarrassment, a fear of rejection, a deep sense of shame, or just not wanting to bother anyone, that prevent me from talking to others about my problems. I try to move through problems myself and keep my real emotions inside, and don’t let anyone else help.

Lucas Kruger, Hoggard High School, Wilmington, NC

When I am hurting or to many troubles cloud my mind, I don’t turn to anyone. I deal with my problems by myself, I go to the core of my problem and fix it. I lost trust in people long ago and I figured that I only really have myself. No matter how friendly or nice people seem, they can turn your back on you. It may take a few days, a couple weeks, even many years, but it’s bound to happen. And I learned that the hard way.

Nick Ordonez, Hoggard High School, Wilmington NC