What Students Are Saying About the End of Race-Based Affirmative Action in College Admissions

What Students Are Saying About the End of Race-Based Affirmative Action in College Admissions

White people tend to have a lot of institutional factors benefiting them that make it easier for them to succeed, therefore, on average, one can assume that a person of color probably had to try harder to reach the same level due to institutional disadvantages. Now, of course, ideally, we wouldn’t need affirmative action. It probably isn’t even that effective at curbing racial biases and inequalities due to how limited its application would be. But it’s not a negative for anyone, and it has a reasonable and logical justification for existing.

Connor, St. Peter High School

Although affirmative action was ruled unconstitutional, race should be considered when colleges decide which applicants to admit. This will allow minorities who have lived in the perpetuated racism in our society to have more of a shot at getting into colleges. This is not to say that POC are lesser than, rather that our systems are racially biased, thus continuing the cycle of minorities not getting a shot at certain opportunities.

Ellie, RFHS

Equality and work ethic is what universities should be thoughtful of. Those who worked hard for their grades, joined clubs, and participated in extracurricular activities deserve the right to be noticed no matter what their race is. The [ending of] affirmative action was the right decision and it reminds students that full dedication to their education and community is what colleges are looking for and what colleges would accept. Schools want students who represent leadership, passion, and hard work, so that is what they should be looking for in EVERY student.

Kayla, BHS

As a high school student, and a bi-racial person, I have to side with the court’s decision. Of course, in your [admissions] essay, you can talk about your struggles due to your race, but everyone deserves a chance to get into college. To get into college, you should be dedicated, smart, and able to demonstrate leadership, not based on what race or ethnicity you are. It should be based on merit, not on a quota for different races.

Emily H, Hoggard High School

I like the idea of having diverse campuses but not at the expense of hard work. I think that everyone is equal so everyone should be treated equally and given the same opportunities. I believe that colleges should look more at the hard work put in by the students than at race.

Tobz, Baker High School