What’s in Your Queue?

What’s in Your Queue?

Note: Our Student Review Contest is open until Dec. 15. This writing prompt may help you generate ideas for what you might review if you’re interested in participating.

Have you read anything good recently? Is there a TV show you’re bingeing, an album you have on repeat or a movie you can’t stop recommending? What works of art, music and culture are in your queue?

In “What’s in Our Queue? ‘Betty’ and More,” Maya Salam writes about the TV shows, books, art and podcasts she’s enjoyed recently:

Students, click through and read the article, then tell us:

  • What’s in your queue? If you had to make your own version of Ms. Salam’s roundup of arts and culture, what would you include?

  • What’s next in your queue? How did you hear about it?

  • Are there particular genres that appeal to you more than others? For example, do you love true crime podcasts or romantic comedy movies? What appeals to you about your favorite genre?

  • Are there any recent works of art or culture that you’ve had strong opinions about — either positive or negative? What did you think, and why?

  • Have you watched, read or listened to anything outside your comfort zone lately? What was that like for you? How do you feel about being challenged by new artistic experiences?

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