Why is teaching English important?

Why is teaching English important?

English is still the universal language

Estimates vary about how many people speak English worldwide, but some believe English-speakers are likely to number in the billions. English crosses cultures, countries and industries. It’s often used as a ‘common tongue’ if neither person is a native speaker. This means teaching people English can be truly rewarding: students of English have many new opportunities and doors open to them thanks to their skills.

The internet is English

About half of homepages on the internet are in English and as of 2016 the English edition of Wikipedia contains the most articles. If you want full use of the web (without lots of translation work), English is key. Plus internet use is now an important and necessary part of many jobs (and much of daily life). Helping people learn English means helping them take full advantage of the power of the web.

English can take you to amazing places

As well as opening up exciting new avenues for students, being able to teach English can also offer language teachers new opportunities. With TEFL qualifications teachers can travel far and wide sharing their knowledge and exploring new corners of the globe, with places like the UAE,  Dubai and China offering high salaries as well as new cultures.

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