Winners of Our Third Annual Podcast Contest

Winners of Our Third Annual Podcast Contest

The Dangers of the Internet for Two Teenage Girls” by Sanaz Zaman, 13, and Hong Yeju, 13, UCSI International School, Selangor, Malaysia

The Fear of Missing Out, That’s Me” by Aram Kim, 13, Surbiton High School, Surrey, England

Pets the New Cool” by Ananyaa Sultania, 12, and Shaurya Sultania, 10, Eager Readers, Hyderabad, India

Should Children Be Separated in School Based on Ability?” by Maddie Yates, 13, Greely Middle School, Cumberland, Maine

Social Isolation Versus Middle School: The Pitfalls and the Benefits

What You Didn’t Know About the South” by Evan Ratliff, 14, Lakeside School, Seattle, Wash.

From The New York Times: Annie Brown, Elaine Chen, Kelly Prime and Jack Wheeler.

From The Learning Network: Nicole Daniels, Shannon Doyne, Jeremy Engle, Ross Flatt, Michael Gonchar, Rachel Manley, John Otis and Natalie Proulx.

Educators, journalists and podcast producers from schools and organizations around the country: Erica Ayisi, Theresa Walsh Giarrusso, Nadia Murray Goodman, Caroline Gilpin, Morgan Givens, Megan Leder, Victoria Marin, Rose Ricci Mullen, Melissa Slater, Joshua Smith and Laura Winnick.