Word of the Day: dwindle

Word of the Day: dwindle

The word dwindle has appeared in 76 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year, including on Oct. 31 in “News Group Says A.I. Chatbots Heavily Rely on News Content” by Katie Robertson:

The report also found instances of the models directly reproducing language used in news articles, which Ms. Coffey said showed that copies of publishers’ content were retained for use by chatbots. She said that the output from the chatbots then competes with news articles.

“It genuinely acts as a substitution for our very work,” Ms. Coffey said, adding: “You can see our articles are just taken and regurgitated verbatim.”

… Media executives have raised a number of concerns about A.I. in addition to the use of articles to train language models. Traffic to news sites from search engines could dwindle, some executives fear, if chatbots become a primary search tool. In addition, many media workers are worried that they could be replaced by A.I.

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