Word of the Day: elated

Word of the Day: elated

1. exultantly proud and joyful; in high spirits

2. full of high-spirited delight


The word elated has appeared in 123 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year, including on May 1 in the guest essay “For Richard Branson, the Romance of Space Tourism Meets Reality” by Nicholas Schmidle:

Perhaps that’s what made this company so fascinating to watch: its hope, in spite of the odds. I wanted to see it succeed not because I cared who won the private space race but because I admired the passion and optimism shared by the techs and engineers and test pilots on the project. We can only hope when we fear failure, and that was one thing algorithms couldn’t yet do: hope. The human factor had worked its magic on me.

My kids felt it, too. They still talk about watching that ship blast off and then later standing at the foot of the stage while Beth Moses, elated at what she’d just witnessed, struggled to find the words to articulate her experience, while her husband and her own children gazed up at her in awe.

That, she said, “is an indescribable ride.”

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