Word of the Day: garner

Word of the Day: garner

The word garner has appeared in 314 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year, including on March 22 in “A Rock Fell From Space Into Sweden. Who Owns It on Earth?” by Christina Anderson:

The iron rock’s journey from the depths of space ended with a thud in a dense pine forest, about an hour north of Stockholm, around 10 on a November night four years ago.
Unusually, its trajectory was caught on several cameras in the region used to track meteoroids. That led to a weekslong hunt and an even longer court battle over an unusual question: Who owns an unearthly object that falls to Earth?

… In addition to their scientific value, meteorites are prized by collectors. In the global market of private collectors, one like this could garner tens of thousands of dollars, Dr. Holtstam said.

Can you correctly use the word garner in a sentence?

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