Word of the Day: squalid

Word of the Day: squalid

: filthy, run-down and repulsive, caused by neglect or poverty


The word squalid has appeared in 90 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year, including on Dec. 15 in “Trapped at Home in the Pandemic With Mold and a Leaky Roof” by Winnie Hu and Nate Schweber:

Aida Corporan has avoided the coronavirus by hunkering down in her apartment at the Bailey Houses, a public housing complex in the Bronx.

But she cannot get away from the health threat inside her own home: mold.

Ms. Corporan, who suffers from artery and kidney problems, said heavy rains have leaked into her bathroom from her building’s dilapidated roof and left behind mold on the walls that cannot be scrubbed away.

… Public housing tenants routinely complain about squalid living conditions, including frequent hot water outages, broken elevators, lead paint and rats. The problems have worsened in recent decades as the housing authority has struggled to get adequate federal funding to maintain its more than 300 developments.

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