Word of the Day: virtuoso

Word of the Day: virtuoso

The word virtuoso has appeared in 100 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year, including on Feb. 7 in “Joan Lader Keeps Broadway in Tune” by Alexis Soloski:

Lader has never advertised, never solicited clients. But for two generations of Broadway stars, as well as dozens of opera singers and pop and rock luminaries, she remains an indispensable vocal therapist and vocal coach. She even received a Tony Award in 2016 for excellence in theater.

… Singers who spoke with me called her a virtuoso, a miracle worker, a life saver. Lader’s own assessment was more pragmatic. “I guess I’m in the right field, and I’m doing what I should be doing,” she said.

Can you correctly use the word virtuoso in a sentence?

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