7 HTML interview questions to practice

7 HTML interview questions to practice

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You may encounter some challenging questions regarding HTML during a job interview. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the skeleton of many front end bases, and knowing how to articulate your knowledge and what you can accomplish with it will increase the chances of you landing a job as a UI developer, UX designer, or front end developer.

HTML interview questions to help you prep

Let’s go over technical HTML questions you can expect to be asked in an interview for a front-end facing role. Think of these questions situationally to help tell a story about a time you implemented your skills and techniques on a project.

1. What is Semantic HTML and why do we use it?

Semantic HTML codes meaning to web pages, making it not only useful for search engine optimization and other developers reading your code, but also to screen readers.

If you are being interviewed to help a product at a company, you want that product to produce value for every user, including those who visit the company’s site using screen readers. A screen reader is a tool used to render text,Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) roles, states, and properties, and “alt” attributes into speech.

An example of semantic HTML is using a

tag instead of a

to write a paragraph, or an

tag to highlight the most important heading on the webpage.

Semantic HTML is also used for native browser functionality. One reason we use the