A community of possibility: how you’re redefining what’s possible

A community of possibility: how you’re redefining what’s possible

We love learning from the Coursera Community and we are excited to share updates from the Coursera Learner Outcomes Survey*: 

  • 87% of career builders report benefits like getting a promotion, receiving a raise, or starting a new career
  • 92% of education seekers report benefits like identifying a field of study or being better prepared for exams
  • 78% say they’ve gained confidence


Whether it’s aiming for a promotion, a career change, or even a degree, there are many reasons to keep learning. But what we really wanted to know was:

What keeps YOU motivated to learn? 

Here’s what you told us: 

Responses from Coursera learners about what motivates them that include:

“What keeps me motivated is the vision of being one of the most successful business women in the world. One of my goals and ambitions is to start my own company and run it like a boss with integrity and compassion. A business that’s made to make the world a better place!✨” - Heba Elfituri, @heba.elfitouri

“I’m motivated to learn because I strive to conquer limitations. I believe that discovery comes from education. I am also looking to eventually get an MFA - I'd love to publish anthologies, memoirs and novels.” - Omowunmi Benjamin @wunmsky 

“I want to make the kind of impact that will enable others overcome their problems and use their skill-sets to improve society. I want to help people see the bigger picture and provide them with the training to do their best for the betterment of the society.” - yindoria3

“Attempting to further my insight in topics I care about. I want to create sci-fi literature that has a basis in real science. Something to make Neil deGrasse Tyson excited :)” - @misteroneil 

“Passion to push my education goal up and to be eager to learn something new!” - Sumika Moriwaki @sm2752 

“There are those who believe that I can’t achieve something big in life...they motivate me to prove them wrong! My goal is to become an entrepreneur who protects the natural world and environment.” - Lokit Poddar, @boy_in_dreaming

We love hearing what motivates you and how you use that motivation to achieve something you may not have thought was possible. 

Like Mirela from Romania, who took a chance on data science and loved it so much she transitioned into an analytics role. And, Julio from Venezuela, who heard from many people that it was too late to learn how to code until he proved them wrong. Or, Israel from Mexico, who successfully programs in R and can analyze data in IBM Watson because he could learn anytime, anywhere. These are just a few of the many ways you’ve shared with us how you’re redefining what’s possible in your life.

From completing that next lecture to launching a new career, success comes in many shapes and sizes. Thank you for sharing what success looks like to you!

Instagram style posts that show photos of Coursera learners and quotes they shared including:

“I completed over 20 courses! I learned English, Mandarin, psychology, and more.

But most importantly, this experience taught me how to be an independent thinker who always exercises critical thinking in whatever I choose to study.” - Sagi, Indonesia

“66 hours, 16 assignments, 5 courses and one final Game Design Document later. This certificate is just the start! Big thanks to the instructors for their wonderful insights, and a shout out to all my peers who shared their beautifully crafted stories. I can't wait to play all your games!” - Wafa, Saudi Arabia

“After completing the “Script Writing” course by Michigan State University,  I’ve finally written a script for a TV pilot — it’s an idea I've been pondering for years!” - Mikhail, Russia

No matter the journey you’re on, we hope these words from Tristen inspire you to keep moving forward:

Photo of Coursera Learner Tristen A

“To those who feel like they can’t accomplish anything because of their upbringing, to the student who wants to keep learning but can’t afford to, to any who feels like college is the only path to financial stability, I say to you, there’s always another way.

At first, I thought that the only way I can get into an IT role was if I went to college. My supervisor even told me that it’s no way I could get in an IT exempt role without a degree! I didn’t want to go to college…I’m a husband with 3 kids and I’m allergic to debt. But then I found @coursera. After 8 months in the Google IT program, I did what many said was impossible. I went from customer service to IT QA Analyst in less than one year. Not because I’m smarter or richer, but because I took advantage of learning platforms like @coursera to help me bridge the gap. I’m so grateful I’ve found Coursera. 🖥 “ Tristen Alexander, @tryanalexander

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*The Coursera Learner Outcomes Survey is a recurring survey sent to every learner, anywhere in the world, who completes a course on Coursera. Data shared is from 2019.