A door into uni, no matter your ATAR

A door into uni, no matter your ATAR

On ATAR release day, Daniel was one of many Year 12 students across Australia in no mood to celebrate.

“I thought all of my hard work didn’t really equate to the mark that I received back” he says.

Nobody in Daniel’s family had been to university, but they held the idea of education in high regard, and wanted more for Daniel than they had themselves.

In the blink of an eye, Daniel’s options for traditional uni became limited. He was also working full time, so he wasn’t able to plan his life around the demands of a timetable. After coming across an ad for Open Universities Australia (OUA) on TV, Daniel jumped onto the website and started exploring his options.

Through OUA, if you don’t have the required ATAR to enter a full degree, you can become eligible by passing a few undergraduate subjects first. That’s exactly what Daniel did – he took on some subjects, proved himself capable, and was accepted into the Bachelor of Business with Griffith University, through Open Universities Australia.

After a few years of study, Daniel can call himself a graduate. In fact, he has already joined the workforce. He’s employed as a Graduate Analyst for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. His job keeps him on his toes, providing plenty of variety and opportunities to grow as a professional.

Because Daniel studied online, he was able to take on more subjects at a time than he could have on campus, giving him the advantage of graduating a year early. This allowed him to apply sooner for graduate positions – reaching the finish line before all of his classmates.

As Daniel proved, an ATAR score doesn’t indicate your intelligence, or your worth. Sometimes it’s the pressure of Year 12, particularly in an exam environment, that can keep a person from performing at their full potential. And most importantly, there are other pathways into the career you’ve been dreaming of.

Get into uni through Open Universities Australia

Getting into university to study a field you’re interested in? Open Universities Australia can help you achieve it, no matter your ATAR results. Many degrees available through OUA allow you to start studying by passing pre-requisite subjects. Better yet, you can enrol in these subjects today.

Not only can Open Universities Australia help you get into university, through OUA you can study online, in your own time and space.

To learn more about how to study through OUA – fill out the form on this page, and a friendly student advisor will get in contact. You can also chat to them on OUA’s website Messenger service, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or SMS. They’ll help you find the right course for your future.

Otherwise, head over to the website to browse hundreds of degrees and subjects from leading Australian universities right now.

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