Building Your Online Degree Program: The Definitive Guide

Building Your Online Degree Program: The Definitive Guide

By Betty Vandenbosh, Chief Content Officer

The pandemic has changed the speed at which higher education is evolving and the role online education plays. Today, there is no question that world-class online degree programs offer a solution to so many of the challenges learners—and learning institutions—have been facing across the globe. Exacerbated by Covid, students are facing increased economic stress and uncertainty about their futures. They are seeking flexible learning experiences and credentials that are both valuable and affordable. Now is an ideal time for universities to develop and optimize their degree offerings for the expanded reach and impact that online programs can make possible.

If you’re currently considering, developing, or actively growing an online degree program, Coursera’s new Building Your Online Degree Program can be your blueprint for delivering a world-class education to your learners online.

In 2016, Coursera launched its first online degree with the University of Illinois, opening new pathways to a high-quality credential. Since then, we’ve grown our portfolio to include 25 degrees from leading institutions in the US, UK, France, Russia, Colombia, and more—catering to the diverse needs of learners worldwide. 

Advance your program with data-driven best practices

Building Your Online Degree Program is a definitive guide on how to create and scale a quality online degree program from scratch. The guide assimilates best practices informed by our own experience of onboarding world-class degrees and is enriched with insights from partner institutions that have seen success with their online degree programs. 

Success begins with tough questions

Building a high-quality online degree begins with asking lots of questions.  For example:

  • Why does the world need this degree? 
  • What resources will be needed in order to be successful? 
  • How will success be measured? 
  • What is the optimal student journey? 

The guide dives deeply into these questions and much more! We hope it becomes a trusted resource that you use, share, and return to as you develop and expand your online degrees.

For more best practices on how to launch an online degree, read the full Building Your Online Degree Program guide.