Color Love | Coral and Navy

Color Love | Coral and Navy

Coral and navy lie opposite each other on the color wheel which means they complement each other fabulously. A classic navy paired with a vibrant coral creates the perfect “masculine meets feminine” color palette. There really are endless blog design possibilities when it comes to bringing this pretty navy and coral color palette to life.

Coral and Navy Color Palette

Even though I’m usually a fan of much brighter colors and pastel shades I like pairing navy with a vibrant coral. I think those colors look great as accents and in the projects with a lot of white spaces. Pairing them with neutrals such as gray, gold, silver or white will make any room design, outfit, or blog design look stunning.

Below is a graphic with inspirations I used when creating this coral and navy color palette. Feel free to pin it for later use. I hope you will do some fantastic things with this color combo.

Perfect Stylish Color Palette - Coral and Navy

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What do you think about using darker complementary colors? Do you like such colorful arts or do you prefer softer looks? We would love to hear your thoughts, so make sure to share them in the comments below.

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