Color Love | Turquoise & Charcoal

Color Love | Turquoise & Charcoal

I love this modern industrial kitchen with its neutral palette and pops of turquoise. This vibrant turquoise & charcoal color palette really packs a punch and adds a dynamic feeling to any room or blog design. If you are tired of all the pink and pastel looks then you should try this palette.

Turquoise & Charcoal Color Palette

Below I have created for you a simple mood board featuring today’s color combination. It is in perfect Pinterest format, so feel free to pin it for later. I love how pink flowers look in front of the clear blue sky.

Turquoise & Charcoal Color Palette

These colors also make for a stunning blog design.

Below you will find a sample of turquoise designs from our WordPress Theme shop.

Jennifer WordPress Theme

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What do you think about our light turquoise & charcoal color palette? Do you like this combination? Where would you use it? We would love to hear your thoughts, so make sure to share them in the comments below.

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