Coursera announces 6 MasterTrack® programs, 4 university certificates, and a growing selection of Guided Projects to prepare learners for in-demand jobs

Coursera announces 6 MasterTrack®  programs, 4 university certificates, and a growing selection of Guided Projects to prepare learners for in-demand jobs

By Betty Vandenbosch, Chief Content Officer at Coursera

The world of work is rapidly changing. In the next five years, over 50% of employees will need to reskill for new jobs, and 40% of core skills will change for those who remain in their roles.

Today, I am excited to share that six new MasterTrack®️ Certificates and four new university certificates from leading Indian universities are now live on Coursera. These will help learners reskill and upskill to succeed in high-demand, digital fields. We also offer 1,500 Guided Projects to help learners apply their newly acquired skills. 

MasterTrack Certificates provide degree pathways

MasterTrack programs make degree learning more accessible by splitting degrees into modules that learners complete in 3-12 months. Upon completion, learners earn a university-issued certificate, and the certificate counts as credit if they choose to continue their education and are accepted into the full degree program. 

The new MasterTrack Certificates are from leading universities around the globe. They include our first MasterTrack program from an Ivy League university, our first Spanish-language business MasterTrack Certificate, and our first MasterTrack program from Australia: 

New university certificates from IIM Calcutta and IIT Roorkee teach job-relevant skills

We are also unveiling four certificates from leading Indian universities. With live sessions and networking opportunities, these interactive programs provide learners the practical training needed to advance their careers and prepare for senior roles. 

  • Management Science from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM Calcutta) –  Students learn from faculty at one of India’s most prestigious business schools how to use analytics and models to make data-driven decisions that solve real-world business problems.
  • Supply Chain Analytics from IIM Calcutta – By focusing on real-world problem solving, this program teaches how to optimize supply chains and improve efficiency by using better frameworks, tools, and analytics. 
  • Advanced Machine Learning and AI from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) – From one of India’s top 10 universities, this certificate uses hands-on learning to teach the advanced ML techniques and skills needed to build deep learning models and AI applications. The first cohort is expected to start in 2022
  • Data Science and Machine Learning from IIT Roorkee – Learn fundamental data science techniques, including Python programming, data analysis, and data visualization, and then apply those skills to create models that solve real-world problems. The first cohort is expected to start in October 2021. 

1,500+ Guided Projects provide hands-on learning opportunities

As people learn, they must apply their skills — otherwise, 75% of new information is forgotten. Guided Projects teach job-relevant skills in less than two hours and allow learners to immediately practice their skills using new tools while working alongside expert instruction. 

Since launching last year, learners have enrolled in over 2.5 million Guided Projects. We’ve grown the number of Guided Projects by 15x since last April and now offer over 300 projects in Spanish, Arabic, French, Portuguese, and Russian. 

We are excited to work with leading university partners around the globe to continually grow our job-relevant catalog and offer pathways to degree programs. Whether learners need to quickly grasp a new skill at work or pursue life-transforming degrees at their own pace, they can achieve their goals through a powerful learning experience on Coursera.