Custom Design Feature | Planet Castor

Custom Design Feature | Planet Castor

A few months ago we were asked by Planet Castor to create a website that would showcase their teaching materials. What they had in mind was very different than anything we’ve done before, so we were excited to take on the project.

Finding the perfect style

Each of our design processes starts with a mood board. It helps us define the perfect style, colors, and fonts for the projects we work on. Planet Castor’s order was assigned to our custom designer Kate. The owners of Planet Castor sent her their logo files and described to her their vision. They wanted their site to be simple, modern, and if possible, with a dark-colored background. They wanted the graphics to feature planets, stars, and anything else related to cosmos and space.

Planet Castor’s teaching materials refer to school subjects as “planets,” so, for example, science is called “planet science” or math is called “planet math” etc. Planets are an integral piece of their branding so it was important that they were included in their mood board.

Since the client didn’t yet have a clear vision of what they were wanting, Kate decided to come with three different mood board options. It helps to have a few options which can then be mixed, matched, and altered until we find something that fully resonates with the client.

Even though Mood Board #2 was originally a little busy, it won in the end with a few small adjustments. The final mood board version looked like this:


Creating the website design

As mentioned in the beginning, this site was very different from other projects. Not too long ago we created a site for Ashleigh who also sells teaching supplies. Even though both sites have the same purpose, they looked totally different from each other. We love creating entirely unique and one-of-a-kind designs for all of our clients.

We encourage you to visit Planet Castor’s website and browse through their custom category pages for free teaching resources.

Here is a full-length view of the final website design:

Click here to view larger

Final thoughts

Working with Planet Castor was a pleasure. It took about a month to create their website from start to finish and we are really happy with the results. Planet Castor shared this great feedback about their project:

At every stage of the process Kate has kept us up to speed with all developments. She has ensured our vision has driven the design and we are overjoyed with the responsive site that she has created. Revisions were always warmly received and the designer was always straight forward and direct in what could be achieved. Her skillset has ensured that we are left with a unique and engaging site. Our venture has taken a lot of time and energy to get to this stage and it has been an absolute pleasure enlisting Kate from Designer Blogs to bring it closer towards completion. I can highly recommend Kate for all your future website needs.

Kindest regards to Kate and the wider Designer Blogs Team.”

Planet Castor

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