Defy Expectations with the FutureLearn Career Mapper

Defy Expectations with the FutureLearn Career Mapper

Evidence suggests there are countless benefits to having a job you like doing. Or better still, a job you love doing. You’re happier, more motivated and more efficient. Similarly, finding purpose and feeling productive in your job also ranks highly with those happiest at work.

But finding and securing your dream role or even getting your foot on the ladder isn’t an easy task.

Taking your learning into your own hands can be a sure-fire way of proving your commitment to your profession, showing your initiative for self-improvement, and can even support you to start or transition into a new career.

Plus, learning can boost your self-esteem so that next time you’re going for a promotion or interview, you can be confident of your expertise.   

We’ve designed a Career Mapper to help you step back, assess where you’re at right now, think about where you want to go, and set some achievable goals to get you there.

This downloadable worksheet has been designed to take your current skill set into account and pinpoint the key areas in which you’d like to develop and where you might need further learning.

It won’t take too long, and it might just change your life.

Download your copy today.