Digest #155: The Effect of Stereotype Threat on Cognition

Digest #155: The Effect of Stereotype Threat on Cognition

3) Stereotype threat: The consequences of being negatively stereotyped by Dr. Toni Schmader

This is the lab website for Dr. Toni Schmader, which describes much of the research that has been supported by her lab at the University of British Columbia. The page discusses some of the nuances about stereotype threat that make an important addition to the above broad resources.

4) What Should We Know about Stereotype Threat? by The Reinert Center at Saint Louis University @Reintert_CTTL

On this page, there are two resource guides offered that summarize much of the research and offer evidence-based solutions to stereotype threat. This resource is aimed at higher education professionals, but could likely be used more broadly by educators. The two resources are on Understanding Stereotype Threat and Reducing Stereotype Threat in the Classroom.

Older Adults

5) Stereotypes can harm performance of older adults on cognitive and physical tasks by Dr. Sarah Barber

This is a summary of a review of research by Dr. Sarah Barber at Georgia State University demonstrating how stereotype threat can impair not only cognition, but motor tasks in older adults.

6) How Stereotypes Can Threaten Your Driving by The Association for Psychological Science @PsychScience

This describes a single research study that demonstrates the effect described above wherein older adults who are primed with negative stereotypes related to driving perform worse on a driving test.