Five ways to stay cultural when social distancing

Five ways to stay cultural when social distancing

With venues and arts institutions rapidly closing around the world, you might be feeling the sting of missing out on those gallery trips, gigs, and museum visits that keep spirits high in normal times.

However, just because you’re staying at home for the foreseeable, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy great culture. Many venues and artists are turning their work online to reach a whole new audience in the era of social distancing. 

Here are five great ways to get your cultural fix, from the comfort of your own home.

 Explore an art gallery

Thanks to Google’s arts and culture initiative, many of the world’s best galleries have their collections up to peruse from your computer (as well as on their own websites).

Watch a concert

Even as venues shut, musicians and venues have started livestreaming performances to stay connected to fans.

Enjoy some comedy

Being able to laugh is crucial to lifting the blues. Fortunately, the comedy world is carrying on, even in the face of venue closures.

Get stuck into arthouse movies and documentaries

Always wanted to improve your cine-literacy, but never had the time? There are many places online to watch independent and experimental film, if you know where to look.

Take a cultural course

FutureLearn have a selection of free online courses on culture and media that can help to keep your brain active and engaged, even when stuck at home all day.