Food Favors

Food Favors

Ahead of the Iowa caucuses, Amy Klobuchar, the senator from Minnesota, and hopeful for the Democratic nomination for president, hoped to endear herself to voters by sharing her Hot Dish recipe with the masses.

Ms. Klobuchar’s creation, the Taconite Tater Tot Hot Dish, has taken center stage at a number of gatherings that her campaign calls Hot Dish House Parties.

What do you think of Ms. Klobuchar’s attempt to connect with her fellow Americans through food? Have you ever bonded with someone during a shared meal?

Do you have any special dishes you like to whip up to curry favor or impress your friends? If you were running for president, what recipe would you share to connect with voters? What do you hope this dish would say about you as a presidential candidate?

Tell us in the comments, then read the related article to learn more about Ms. Klobuchar’s Hot Dish strategy.

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