Government Buildings

Government Buildings

Should every new government building in the nation’s capital be created in the same style as the Lincoln Memorial?

That’s what the Trump administration is considering in a new executive order. The Times reports:

A draft of an executive order called “Making Federal Buildings Beautiful Again” would establish a classical style, inspired by Greek and Roman architecture, as the default for federal buildings in Washington and many throughout the country, discouraging modern design.

But the proposed order has drawn fierce opposition from architects, calling it a “complete constraint on freedom of expression.”

What do you think? Should every new government building look like the White House? Will it make the nation’s capital more beautiful? Or will it dampen architectural creativity and diversity in design? Who should decide how these buildings are designed?

Tell us in the comments, then read the related article to see more images of the kinds of classical buildings the order promotes, as well as the modern ones it wishes to discourage.