Happy Moderator Appreciation Day!

Happy Moderator Appreciation Day!

In honor of Moderator Appreciation Day we wanted to give a shout-out to our team of volunteer moderators! Roy (mtf), Pedro (toastedpitabread), Anthony (el_cocodrilo), Elisabeth (ekaseda), Alex (alexc), Lisa (lisalisaj), Jenny (coffeencake), Tim (tgrtim), Tod (midlindner), Aidan (codeneutrino), Steven (vic-st), Glenn (appylpye), stetim94, Shaylin (8-bit-gaming), Sam (thepitycoder), Jeremy (ghostlovescore), Victoria (victoria_dr), Scott (selectall), Michael, and Andrew — we celebrate you!

Moderators are the backbone of our community. These moderators have devoted so much time and energy throughout the past months and years to continually, generously teach and support their Codecademy peers.

We want to thank our mods for all their hard work to keep our community a place conducive to learning and growing — as learners, as people, as a community. The work of a moderator can be challenging and rewarding. At moments, it might not be glamorous, and may even feel like moderators’ work goes unnoticed. But we at Codecademy know moderator contributions are monumental to the success of the Codecademy community.

If you’ve ever gotten a quality answer in the Codecademy Forums, there’s approximately a 70% chance it came from a moderator. That’s right — our moderators are experts in the beginner experience and are hearty advice givers, quick to provide answers to coding questions ranging from HTML tags to the trickiest of Python queries. Click on their profiles above and you’ll see what we mean.

In addition to providing quality solutions to code questions every day of the week, our moderators enforce community guidelines and policies to protect our entire community of learners from harm. That kind of work is often invisible but so incredibly important. It includes managing and removing any content or bad actor that would otherwise disturb the learning experience.

So today, for Moderator Appreciation Day, please join us in recognizing and appreciating all of Codecademy’s volunteer moderators for their part in making our community what it is today — an unmatched resource for learning to code.

From everyone at Codecademy and in this community, we thank you, moderators!