Introducing CS101: A major update to our Computer Science Path

Introducing CS101: A major update to our Computer Science Path

The best programmers have a certain mindset and way of finding solutions. Our Computer Science Path with Codecademy Pro is your guide to thinking and coding like a professional.

We originally launched our Computer Science Path in 2018, but we’ve made the first in a line of major updates — the addition of a CS101: Introduction to Programming class, similar to what you’d take in a university. More updates will be coming later this year.

Our updated Computer Science Path will enable you to build a conceptual foundation, practice problem solving, and be ready to score an entry-level software engineering role. Read on to learn more and decide if Computer Science is the right path for you.

What to expect

The Computer Science Path was designed for beginners interested in pursuing a career in programming, including as a Software Engineer. But it also offers a solid foundation for hobbyists, students preparing for upcoming CS program coursework, or self-taught engineers looking to go back and learn what they missed in college.

You’ll learn about all the foundations of Computer Science, including the theory of computation and problem solving. In fact, you’ll learn everything you’d learn in a university CS101 class — at a fraction of the price.

Read on to find out more about what you can expect when you sign up for this path.

Get step-by-step guidance

We’ll tell you where to start and guide you through all the steps you need to achieve your programming goals. You’ll build a strong theoretical foundation, learn and master Python, and learn and practice the Computer Science fundamentals, including data structures and algorithms.

Learn smarter problem solving

One of the most important skills you’ll take away from CS101 — and the Computer Science Path as a whole — is the ability to think like a programmer. Learning the foundations of Computer Science will enable you to think and problem solve smarter.

Gain cutting edge knowledge

We’ve updated our CS101 content to reflect the latest standards. This includes updates to all of our Python 3 lessons. So you’ll finish the path with all the most up-to-date knowledge you’ll need to get started in an entry-level programming role.

Apply what you learn to real-world projects and build your portfolio

The Computer Science Career Path features projects and code challenges along the way where you’ll put what you’ve learned into action. You’ll also find capstone and Portfolio Projects that will set you up to work outside of Codecademy in your own development environment to practice and apply your skills, just like a professional developer would.

You’ll build a Python Terminal Game of your choice that you can share with friends and family — as well as with recruiters once you start your job search!

You’ll also learn about Data Structures and Algorithms, which will help you prepare for technical interviews.

Get started

Ready to start honing your problem solving skills and to start out on your path towards a career in programming? Start the Computer Science Path here.