Introducing Four New Online Master’s Degrees from HSE University

Introducing Four New Online Master’s Degrees from HSE University

By Betty Vandenbosch, Chief Content Officer, Coursera

Degrees in business, technology, and data science will enable students around the world to prepare for in-demand jobs

The “future of work” is already here. According to the World Economic Forum, the global workforce is automating faster than expected, displacing 85 million jobs in the next five years. But this revolution is also creating 97 million new jobs across fields like data science, engineering, business development, and more. Citizens everywhere need to urgently reskill to remain competitive in the new labor market.

To help learners around the world gain job-relevant skills, we’re eager to announce four upcoming online degrees from HSE University, a renowned higher education institution in Russia. With upcoming English-language master’s programs in business analytics, computer vision, data and network analytics, and finance, HSE now has five fully online degrees on the Coursera platform.  

The new programs are as follows:

  • Master of Business Analytics — This degree will help students develop expertise in global financial markets, corporate finance, and risk management. Students will have access to virtual labs and applied projects by experts from HSE School of Finance’s global network. Graduates of the program will be prepared for roles in consultancy or financial management at investment banks, investment funds, and accounting departments.
  • Master of Computer Vision — This program will cover the most state-of-the-art methods in deep learning to train students for roles as computer vision engineers and scientists. The curriculum is based on the latest advanced research in the field and was designed by world-class scholars at HSE as well as industry experts from leading companies like Huawei, Intel, and Harman.
  • Master of Data and Network Analytics — Designed for applicants of all backgrounds, this program will approach data analytics from an applied perspective, teaching students to use cutting-edge tools to solve real-world problems. Graduates of the program will be prepared to pursue PhD programs at leading universities or data science careers at top global corporations.
  • Master of Finance In alignment with the CFA© Institute’s program syllabus, this degree will incorporate the most relevant innovations and developments in the financial services market. The program covers areas such as quantitative methods, financial management, alternative investments, and more, equipping students for careers at international banks, investment funds, consulting groups, and other financial institutions. 

“In the current conditions of rapid change and evolving digital technologies, learners everywhere need access to top-quality online degrees to develop the skills necessary for success in today’s labor market,” said Sergey Roshchin, Vice Rector of HSE University. “We’re excited to strengthen our partnership with Coursera to offer learners four new job-relevant degree programs, many of which were designed with direct input from global industry leaders.”

Ranked the No. 1 Russian university by Forbes, HSE is one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the region and has made a concerted effort to expand access to its expertise through online learning. Since 2016, HSE has launched over 100 courses and seven Specializations on Coursera, making it one of the top 10 universities in terms of number of courses on the platform. 

Last year, HSE launched Russia’s first top-tier online Master of Data Science, which has seen enrollments from students across 36 countries and has a student satisfaction score of 94% for the fall 2020 cohort. We’re honored to expand our partnership with these new programs and reach even more learners across the globe. 

HSE welcomes applicants for the Master of Business Analytics, Master of Computer Vision, Master of Data and Network Analytics, and Master of Finance. The first cohort will begin in September 2021.

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