Jasmine’s Journey: Continuing Her Georgetown Education Through Coursera

Jasmine’s Journey: Continuing Her Georgetown Education Through Coursera

When you earn a degree on Coursera, you get the same diploma as on-campus students. It’s why many learners pick Coursera! Don’t believe us? Take it from Jasmine, a former on-campus student at Georgetown.

Complete your education on Coursera.

Jasmine looks forward to graduating with her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies this spring. At first, Jasmine chose Georgetown simply because it was nearby, but later decided it was also the best option due to its reputation, revealing, “My mom is a Georgetown alumna. I always knew Georgetown was a prestigious university, so it made the decision easier.”

Jasmine’s journey may have begun by attending classes in person, but when the degree transferred online through Coursera, the flexibility of a virtual learning environment made her even more determined to complete her degree while simultaneously balancing her job.  She says, “The online learning environment was better than I expected. I got the same resources online as on campus, and it was great to have the flexibility. It’s been easy to work full-time and attend school because of the format.”

An innovative degree that can be tailored to you.

Flexibility is another word Jasmine uses to describe the degree and its curriculum. She says, “I loved the creativity and flexibility of the degree. It allowed me to build on my work experience. I wanted something to add to my skill sets, and the [Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies] did just that.” 

The BLS program allows students to tailor their learning to their current professional skills as well as future career interests by selecting from concentrations like these:

  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Media, Communications, and Humanities
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Politics and International Relations
  • Cybersecurity, Analytics, and Technology

While describing the program as flexible, Jasmine points out the benefit of being able to choose a focus for her degree by selecting the Business & Entrepreneurship concentration, noting, “I chose the Business & Entrepreneurship concentration because it fits my skill sets the best. It was most relevant to my experience.”

Amplifying the learning experience by going online.

Reflecting on her experience as an online student in the program, Jasmine acknowledges, “Georgetown does everything to provide online students with every resource that they’d get if they were on campus, and it’s amazing.” Specifically, she mentions, “I feel like the networking aspect was amplified compared to when I was on campus. The networking held longer bonds. There was more obligation to create a personal touch.”

When asked what advice she has for anyone considering the program, Jasmine says, “It’s simple. Just do it. If you’re a working professional, it’s a no-brainer because you can control your schedule. It would have taken me longer if I hadn’t had access to a platform like Coursera. Just sign up and knock it out. There’s no difference between in-person or online.”

What comes next for a Georgetown graduate?

A versatile skill set and a prestigious degree can make all the difference in opening doors to exciting career opportunities. By earning a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from Georgetown, Jasmine gains a valuable career credential that sets her apart in the job market. Employers recognize the interdisciplinary abilities and rigorous education that come with a Georgetown degree, making graduates highly sought-after in various fields.

Completing the program also lays the groundwork for further academic pursuits. By emphasizing mental agility, adaptability, and a wide range of skills, graduates have a solid foundation for more academic success. Through her interdisciplinary studies, Jasmine is developing problem-solving, communication, and negotiation skills, while also honing her leadership, financial, and project management capabilities.

Jasmine echoes all this by confidently stating, “I hope to advance further in my career. I knew I wanted to complete my bachelor’s, and this was just the right time to do it. I want to eventually go for my master’s or apply to law school. A law degree in business would be a great asset. I want to stand out amongst my peers, and a Georgetown degree can help me do that.”

If, like Jasmine, you recognize the benefits of being flexible, the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from Georgetown could be the right fit for you. Take a closer look at the program and the many ways you can tailor it to your skills and interests—all while enjoying the advantages of online learning and ‌Georgetown’s prestige.

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