Lesson of the Day: ‘5 Takeaways From a Super Tuesday That Changed the Democratic Race’

Lesson of the Day: ‘5 Takeaways From a Super Tuesday That Changed the Democratic Race’

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Featured Article: “5 Takeaways From a Super Tuesday That Changed the Democratic Race

March 3 was Super Tuesday, the biggest day of the Democratic presidential campaign. The results increasingly suggested a two-person race between candidates representing competing wings of the party.

In this lesson, you will analyze the results from Super Tuesday by first looking at a map of the results, then reading an article that analyzes those results. Then, we invite you to make and share your predictions about the future of the race and post those predictions here, along with the source(s) of your evidence for them.

Have you been following the Democratic primary race? Did you have a favorite candidate going into this week?

Look at the map at the top of the featured article and answer these three questions:

  • What do you notice? If you make a claim, tell what you noticed that supports your claim.

  • What do you wonder? What are you curious about that comes from what you notice in the map?

Read the article, then answer the following questions:

1. Who are the two front-runners that emerged in the Democratic presidential race after Super Tuesday? Do you have a preference for which you hope to become the eventual party nominee? Is your preference the same as your prediction for who you expect to become the Democratic candidate who will take on President Trump in the general election?

2. Where did Joseph Biden perform well on Super Tuesday? What reasons does the article provide for why he did so well in those states?

3. Where did Bernie Sanders perform well? What reasons does the article provide for his electoral strength in those states?

4. The article includes five takeaways from Super Tuesday:

  • Black voters power a resurgent Biden.

  • Sanders retains strong support. And the race could soon be a slog.

  • Momentum, not political organization or money, is what mattered.

  • Warren and Bloomberg fade.

  • The results exposed the party’s generational divide.

Choose one of the five and explain, in your own words, what the takeaway means and why it is important.

5. What is your reaction to Super Tuesday’s results? Why?

Based on what you now know about what happened on Super Tuesday, what predictions can you make for what will happen in the race for the nomination in the days and weeks ahead? Why?

Make at least one prediction, but ground it in evidence from the map, the article, the three graphs featured in the article, or any other information you can find in The Times or elsewhere.

We invite you to post those predictions here, as comments on this lesson, but please remember to also cite the source(s) for those predictions.