Lesson of the Day: ‘With California Ablaze, Firefighters Strain to Keep Up’

Lesson of the Day: ‘With California Ablaze, Firefighters Strain to Keep Up’

2. What is believed to have caused the current wildfires? What factors have affected their spread?

3. What skills and preparation do firefighters need to control and extinguish the wildfires? What are the biggest obstacles for firefighters? Give at least three examples from the article.

4. What is the best way to contain a wildfire, according to the article? How successful have the efforts been so far?

5. Doug Harwood, a veteran firefighter, said:

Imagine, if you can, 16-hour days of manual labor where you’re hustling all the time, and you do it often times for 14 days straight.

What is your reaction to the comment? Does reading the article affect how you view firefighters? While being a firefighter brings obvious challenges, what do you imagine are the rewards?

6. What specific details from this article are most memorable to you? Why? Select one image from the article and write about how it illustrates both the skills required and challenges faced by firefighters battling the wildfires.

In this Letter to the Editor, a high school student says she should not have to worry about air quality or whether her power will be shut off.

I live less than two hours south of the Kincade fire. The air is heavy with smoke, and we are told not to go outside. Countless people from the high school I attend have lost power, and I know many others who have been evacuated from their homes.

Is this the new normal? There seems always to be a fire burning in California. Last year, during the Camp Fire, my school canceled classes, which was unheard of at the time. We were given the impression that there would never be a fire of that severity again. And yet, here we are; nothing has changed.

I’m 16. I should not have to worry about the air quality or whether my power will be shut off. And no one should fear that his or her home might burn down. More preventive measures must be taken to prevent future fires, so that we never have to experience this again.

Kate Armanini
Mountain View, Calif.

If you are a student affected by the California wildfires, write your own Letter to the Editor and post it in the comments section, or submit it to the Times Opinion section.