Operations Management – You’re In Charge with These High-Powered Career Opportunities

Operations Management – You’re In Charge with These High-Powered Career Opportunities

While we might hear a lot about positions like CEO or CFO, it’s the Chief Operating Officer (COO) who really knows what’s going on when it comes to the running of a business. COOs are responsible for the overall organisation and functioning of a company and have to be up to speed with all aspects of the business.

Regardless of the sector, the individual in charge of managing operations has to have a brilliant organisational mind in order to be able to successfully coordinate all of the various components of a business. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in operations management then there are no shortage of options, as long as you have the skillset. And that’s where we come in! We’ve put together an exciting selection of careers in operations management and highlighted the courses you need to achieve them.

Chief Operating Officer

The COO is one of the highest powered positions in any organisation, and also one of the busiest. There’s not a single element of company life that the COO isn’t involved in somehow. From onboarding new employees to negotiating with suppliers, a good COO will be at the heart of all decisions. To fulfil the role competently, you need to have the very best in training. And that’s exactly what you’ll get form our Diploma in Operations Management, one of our most popular courses.

City Manager

Who makes a city tick? While you may think it’s the mayor or another elected official, it’s really the City Manager who keep everything running smoothly. These professional positions are vital for the successful coordination of cities, which are incredibly complex organisms. From traffic to parking, hospitals to schools, there are thousands of different branches of city life that have to be balanced and run in parallel to each other. If you’d like to pursue this exciting career, then your first stop has to be our Diploma in Modern Project Management.

Branch Manager

Every day, a Branch Manager is faced with countless problems to solve and decisions to make. First and foremost, this role is about managing people. The branch team needs to be monitored and taken care of, customers need to be seen to and satisfied, and suppliers, contractors and Head Office also need to be dealt with on a regular basis. To be able to keep all parties happy, a Branch Manager needs to be skilled in dealing with people, which is exactly what you’ll learn from our Diploma in Modern Human Resource Management.


Business Manager

If you’re the Business Manager, then the buck stops with you. You exercise overall control and take ultimate responsibility for what goes right or wrong. A successful Business Manager needs a successful team behind them, and in order to run a successful team you need Leadership Skills. Leadership is one of the hardest skills to teach, as so much of it comes down to character. This course offers a fantastic foundation in leadership techniques and team management.


Management is probably the most important skill an entrepreneur can have. If you’re running your own company then you need to be to capable of directing it competently and effectively. Our Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship focuses on the management techniques that are specific to entrepreneurs seeking to manage their businesses. This is a course that no entrepreneur can afford to miss out on.