The Unbounded University: Education at All Ages

The Unbounded University: Education at All Ages

The World Economic Forum predicts that 42% of the core skills within existing jobs on average are expected to change by 2022. Lifelong learning and continuous retraining, delivered through online learning, can help meet these evolving skill demands. Online platforms can be a powerful tool for universities to engage with learners–from alumni and faculty to part-time students–throughout their lives to develop the skills they need to participate in a rapidly evolving workforce. 

In Part III of our latest report, The Unbounded University: Unlocking Opportunities through Online Learning, we uncover how universities can provide lifelong learning opportunities and find ways to engage learners at every age to ensure their skill set remains relevant. Our analysis shows that skills in the data science and technology domains decay faster than any other field of study, with the median half-life of a data science or technology skill about seven years shorter than the half-life of a skill outside of those domains such as business or social sciences.

Empowering faculty through online learning

Universities are using online learning to empower faculty to continue their education. On Coursera, some of the courses with the most faculty enrollments are McMaster University and University of California San Diego’s Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects and UNSW Sydney’s Learning to Teach Online

University faculty using the Coursera platform are also engaging with cutting-edge trends and skills within their fields, including business, technology, and data science skills like blockchain, machine learning, and IoT. Gamification has also become a trending skill for faculty on the platform.

Download the full report here for more insights about the Unbounded University and Coursera for Campus, including deeper analysis of the half life of specific skills across the business, technology, and data science domains.