What Students Are Saying About 2020, Growing Up in Another Era, and Distraction

What Students Are Saying About 2020, Growing Up in Another Era, and Distraction

With all the work in A.I. that various tech companies such as Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have been doing, it’s only a matter of time before this Artificial Intelligence moves out of its shell and into bigger, more human-like robots that can assist workers, and eventually replace them which may or may not be good depending on how you look at it. Regarding the way technology and the way it affects our lives and how it will change in the next ten years, I don’t know. I personally don’t want anything to change about my way of life and the tech around me, sure, faster internet, easier means of transportation, and robot helpers Sound nice, but if we get too used to those innovations and never do any work of our own we may as well end up like the people from Wall-E, mindlessly floating around on our hover chairs with our lazy bodies having their every need catered to by a computer.

Bryce Hollopeter, garrison middle school, Walla Walla, WA

I believe we should stop artificial intelligence from even becoming a thing. Not only will it take away many jobs from humans, it will take away human interaction. People won’t be going to the doctor’s office and speaking with a real human being who can understand a person’s emotions and relate to them. They will be speaking to a robot who will just prescribe them some medicine and send them on their way. Not only should we become a more understanding society in the 2020s, we should also become a more interactive society, and push for the end of the development of artificial intelligence, not only to save jobs, but to save ourselves.

Carter Osborn, Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC

There is no telling where advancements in technology will bring us in this decade or even in this century. We could be rearranging the atoms in cars to make more food. We could be creating our own multiverse. We could be harnessing matter from other planets. In the late 2010s, we found a hint that the world will be more open-minded about change and about other people’s mentality. We legalized gay marriage and we became more socially aware of the LGBT+ community among others. And all of this change happened in just a decade, with more to come in this one. Think about the 60s. Look at how much work it took just to desegregate America. That took decades. Now, look where we are. We are introducing new genders! We are allowing people to change their gender! This all happened in the span of 5 years and this is just picking up speed now.

Ian Condon, Hoggard High School

Not to start this off as a gloomy pessimist, but I think it’s all going downhill now. The problem? People. Sure, we don’t start natural disasters and you can’t blame an entire species for the mistakes of one person, but men and women all over the world are becoming exceedingly more and more aggressive. Instagram isn’t even a place to post pictures of your newborn baby anymore. Instead, it’s a place to bash our President, tell our next door neighbor Julie that her ideas on abortion are stupid and so on. Australia is already in flames and what are most celebrities with millions, even billions of dollars doing? Buying another Gucci bag and their fifth Lamborghini. Selfishness, aggression, and not having an open mind are going to continue plaguing the world. No matter how many disasters, political or natural, the world faces, humanity as a whole isn’t going to get it together any time soon. Happy New Year everyone.

Faith Beene, Lubbock Cooper High School

The future is no doubt here. 20 or 30 years ago if you asked someone what they thought 2020 had in store they would probably envision a futuristic metropolis. Flying cars, jet packs, hovercrafts, and robots, the full “Jetsons” package but that is the opposite of what I think or at least hope 2020 has in for us. With the climate CRISIS pouncing on civilization what we need is a way to merge our world with the natural world. I think in 2020 we will see technologies improve so that we can almost regress in the damage we created and possibly fall out of the digitalized empire we have created. I predict that with the climate crisis we will learn from our mistakes and take preventative measures to keep it at bay and become one with the world and realize that no matter how strong governments or military forces are the one ally we need is the planet and no other war matters other than the war on climate change and greenhouse gasses.

Ethan, Pinkey, Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC

The Yankees will win two World Championships. The Ravens will also win two Super Bowls. I believe that iPhones will become more of an addiction, and kids will have more social problems than ever before. Gas will become way more expensive than it is now. The prices for everything will rise even at the grocery store. The world will be better cared for by hospitals due to technological advances. Those are my main predictions for the next decade.

Kaleb Scull, Lubbock, TX

Young people have grown up and witnessed terrorism, climate change, major political conflict, war, and an economic crash. We’ve seen a lot and know a lot. We are the most accepting generation so far, and may very well entirely change the workforce. This generation is also very well versed in technology, and may be able to use technology in a very different way. With the looming threat of climate change, I believe this new decade will bring a new fight against pollution and global warming. With new findings on Mars, I believe space exploration will continue. I even believe that scientists may be able to start properly experimenting in terraforming — changing a planet’s climate through introducing plants into the environment, so that it resembles the Earth. A new generation may bring a lot to the table in this new decade.

Evin Berube, Bristol Central High School