What Students Are Saying About Parental Surveillance, Living Without Wi-Fi and Vibrant Youth

What Students Are Saying About Parental Surveillance, Living Without Wi-Fi and Vibrant Youth

… parents should track their children, but they shouldn’t check the app every minute to see where their child is. Building trust is important in this situation, kids need to trust their parents enough to be able to tell them what is going on. Parents need to trust their kids enough to not try to control their every movement. If trust is established on both sides then there is a healthy relationship, if there isn’t trust then the relationship collapses.

Gabe Axelrod, J.R. Masterman

Personally, I think that it can be a good thing for parents to track their children. They just want to make sure that their kids are safe. My parents have the ability to track me but don’t use it that often because they trust me. Even when they have used it, I have never felt like it limits my freedom. I still can go where I want, as long as it’s reasonable, so I don’t have a problem with it. However, I do know other people who get tracked by their parents and don’t feel the same as I do. Some children do feel that it limits their freedom. I think that as long as the parents have the right intentions, to keep their children safe, and don’t go to far with it, it can be very beneficial.

Kaylee Phillips, Glenbard West HS, Glen Ellyn, IL

I know most people would hate to be tracked, but would you do it if it made your parents think that you’re safe? Tracking doesn’t seem like a huge problem when it’s used for good intent, your parents want to know where you are and they can find out. Still, I would use it as a last resort. There are plenty of other ways a parent might be able to find the location of their child, one of the best ones being texting them. If there really is such distrust though, I think a tracking device would be reasonable.

Michael Huang, JR Masterman

If the child is trustworthy enough to stay safe and under their parents’ rules, it is unnecessary. If the child in the past has not followed rules, a tracking device may be necessary. Parents that track trustworthy kids, can make them want to rebel even more.

Isadora Monteith, J.R. Masterman

Tracking really just comes down to trust. While some kids don’t think it’s a good idea, I really think that it’s proving to your parents/guardians that you have nothing to hide. And if you do have something to hide, then maybe it’s for the better. I understand that there are some parents who are always stalking their child, and I don’t think that is quite right in any sense. However, having the option to track your child is perfectly fine; I’ve heard stories in which people were saved from death because of these trackers. But they aren’t necessary. If I were to be a parent, I would have some method to locate my child available, but I wouldn’t check it often unless my child had a history of going places they weren’t supposed to and lying about their whereabouts. Sometimes it’s just better safe than sorry.

Shahrin Kader, J.R. Masterman

I believe that parents should track their children if the children have betrayed their trust. My parents do not monitor me because I always tell them where I am and have never betrayed their trust, but if children are sneaking out, then they deserve to be monitored because a parents main job is to know where their child is and if they are sneaking out then their parents do not know where they are.

Marisa Maisano, J.R. Masterman

Depending upon the child, the parent, and an endless amount of circumstances, in some cases the only route you can go as a parents is to monitor your child(s) whereabouts and online activities. But in most cases I have found with myself and my friends that no matter how much a parent may not trust their child, treating your child and their private life like an object you own is selfish and takes away a trust and bond that can and will never be returned. Tracking your children is, in my opinion, an inappropriate and harm provoking game that I am certain has burned far more bridges than it has built.

Lily Noelle, Pennsylvania