What Students Are Saying About Sports Blowouts, Laughing at Others’ Pain, and Dream Homes

What Students Are Saying About Sports Blowouts, Laughing at Others’ Pain, and Dream Homes

Home, the place you spend most of your time, the place you feel comfort, the place you grow up. When I think of the perfect home I don’t think of it physically because that’s not what matters. In my perfect home you have the ability to be yourself without repercussions. You have family meals each night, and movie nights on Thursdays. You are able to make mistakes without the fear of disappointment, or tell the truth instead of lying to get out of trouble. In my perfect home you feel loved by your family no matter what. I’m not saying my house is perfect, but it has everything I need inside of it, inside of each member of the household. The characteristics that build me as a person as I grow up inside, that’s what makes a perfect home.

Charlotte Todd, Hoggard High School

Many people grow up dreaming of a huge mansion filled to the brim with all the new appliances, furniture, and toys, but not me. My dream home has always been just that- a home. A place where the people I love the most can gather together and share stories about their day-to-day life, and eat meals surrounded by laughter. The house of my dreams isn’t nessicarily a place, it’s the idea of people gathering together to build each other up and share tough things in a comfortable place. If that means an actual four walled building with beds, bathrooms, fireplaces, and a kitchen, great! If it means a campground with a firepit and a picnic table, even better. Home doesn’t always mean place, it means people, memories, community.

Lauren Carr, Lubbock, TX

Ahh, a dream home. If I was to get my dream house, I would live in Kauai, with a mansion built somewhere in Wainiha. The mansion would be four stories with food, clothing, activities, and job districts that would allow residents to purchase or receive all needed amenities. I would have furniture from some really spendy furniture stores, along with furniture for my dogs. I would build a personal greenhouse to grow all of my fruits, vegetables, and flowers. On the top level of the house, a penthouse like design would be implemented to allow for maximum partying. I would include a slide from the top of the home to the bottom, to allow for speedy departures. Overall, I feel a lot of my home would be for quality of life and nothing else.

Davin, Hawaii

My dream house would be located on a few acres of land in the country. I would love to have a big house with lots of land for the kids to play on. On my land, I would love to have a big pool and pool house to enjoy during the summer time. A pond in the front of my house would be amazing, with little fish swimming around. Inside my dream house, I imagine a big staircase at the entrance of my home, and the stairs spiral upwards. I would want a large kitchen to serve and prepare meals in.

Kiersten, Bourquin

I have thought a lot about what my dream home would look like. I get a lot of ideas from movies that I really enjoy, most of them more vintage and old. I think I would want my house to be more medium-sized; not too big, but not too small, and located in more countryside Italy. I would want the outside of my house to be a calm cream color with lots of plants and trees outlining the sides and a front yard with plush grass and a stone walkway leading to the front door. Inside, there would be 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The living room would have a wall dedicated to a bookshelf where I would store my unhealthy collection of books. There would be a wall that has huge windows and overlooks the oceans, mountains, and other towns. I would want there to be a spiral staircase that connects the top room to the bottom and a big backyard for my dog(s). The rooms would be airy and calm, with old movie posters and pictures of my trips with my family on the walls. I would want to live alone (unless I find a special someone) but be close to some friends so I do not get lonely. I would also want a beautiful garden that I can walk through a pick a variety of fruits and vegetables. In the middle of the garden would be a small pool surrounded with white tiles and a gazebo for relaxing in the late afternoon sun. My house would be safe, with soft touches of my dream career (archology) and paintings I have collected over the years.

Kirra, HI

In my dream house, it would be a very modern minimalist. I would like a small studio apartment. With the walls painted white so it looked clean. Then a simple kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Nothing to the complex just simple looking and the capability to do its task. Preferably I’d like to use electric to the minimum so I’d downsize most appliances such as having a mini-fridge rather a large fridge and only having a shower than an entire bathtub. I would also not have much room consuming furniture such as a futon than a bed and kotatsu rather a sofa. I believe the less you have the less you need to worry about. I also wouldn’t need a large office size desk just a simple foldable coffee table would do to work on. In my dream house, it would be a very modern minimalist.

Nene, America

The home I’ve always dreamed of having is modern and minimalistic. I love not having so many things bunched together, it makes you feels free. Almost like a weights been lifted off your chest. I would want a garden in the back of the house filled with flowers and herbs as well as plants decorated inside my house. It would be a place where everyone feels free and welcome. A home that’s comfortable and relaxing yet also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. I would want it to be exactly what it’s called — a home.

Malia, Kauai

At a young age, I have always fantasized about my dream home. Skyscraper ceilings, modern interior, and the minimalist feel is my ideal space. A home is a place where you love to live, unlike a house which can just be random walls to some. That is why my dream home will be somewhere I go to retreat after a long day. My dream home would have almost nothing in it. I live a very minimalistic life, and I find I act better in those types of spaces. I equivalate an empty room to a clear mind. If there is an overabundance of furniture and decorations I find myself stressing out and not being able to relax. My dream home will be empty with room to grow and prosper. It will be luxurious and serene. Walking into my dream home would relax any person at any given time.

Lauren Cleveland, Lubbock, Texas