What Students Are Saying About the Coronavirus

What Students Are Saying About the Coronavirus

I am not concerned about the coronavirus for myself, but rather for those who live in developing nations. The United States has enough medical facilities and resources to deal with a crisis like this, but a country in sub-Saharan Africa, where there have been cases reported, could be dealt a death blow if a large infection begins. Just like in Wuhan, where they were woefully unprepared for an outbreak of such a scale, many third world countries could face serious peril if the disease gets a foothold.

Cooper Hyldahl, Wilmington, NC

For me, I am not really concerned with the coronavirus. This is because my family believes that the spread of the virus is under control. There haven’t been any new cases of the virus in Vietnam. Since I’m Chinese when I go outside to play with my friends. I do feel a bit judged by strangers. People would say that it was our fault as Chinese that the coronavirus has spread. People would also expect an apology from us. I feel like people are definitely getting false information about coronavirus, thus making them think the way they do as to the coronavirus.

Dan, Saigon South Int. School, HCMC, Vietnam

We won’t know the real death rate of this virus until we get real data. The infection rate is likely much much higher then is currently being reported. For most infected people it’s probably such a mild cold that it doesn’t even raise any red flags. My biggest fear about this virus is that the panic and reaction to it are being WAY overblown. What if we find it’s less deadly then the seasonal flu? What if we find that it’s no more dangerous then any other respiratory virus that circulates every season? It sure seems to be heading in that direction — and here we are impacting the Global economy, talking about closing schools, altering travel plans, dealing with quarantines and for what?? Something that turns out to be no more deadly then the common cold? We really need to calm down, take a breath and look at this realistically.

Dana, Princeton

I am definitely worried about the outbreak of the coronavirus. News recently broke of a third case in Illinois, in a town just around 30 minutes from where I live. I think people definitely need to have concerns for the disease, but I also think people need to educate themselves on how it spreads and the effects after contracting the disease. I am traveling next week, and seeing that the corona has such a rapid spread — especially in places such as airports — I have already comprehended the precautions I need to be taking in order to stay healthy. I think that because of social media more people are hearing about the virus, and people are taking what they hear and spreading false accusations, without really learning about what it can do to a person. I am at fault, I know that I need to educate myself more, and try to make sense of what is going on around the world.

Zoe Margaret, Glenbard West, Glen Ellyn IL

I personally feel like I have not gathered enough information to identify how concerned I should be about the Coronavirus. Sadly, I have to admit that the majority of the information I knew first came from other people and not the news. Only one of my teachers has directly addressed the virus briefly, but plenty of my fellow classmates have extensively discussed it. We’ve debated the implications of a potential outbreak in our area, whether the sudden outbreak is being “overdramatized” for various purposes, the effects on the global economy, and various facts about the nature of the virus. I have heard a wide range of supposed “facts” about the Coronavirus that sometimes completely contradict each other coming from my peers.

Olivia (4B), Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC

My school provided students with a virtual school within a day of the announcement. Virtual school is our school’s way of minimizing the learning gaps, and it is going great so far. Other schools that did not provide virtual schools opted for another solution like making students go to school during the summer break as compensation for the classes students missed. Matters got so terrible that my parents even stated that even if the government allows students to go back to school again, they wouldn’t allow me to go to school because of the virus.

These are all because we are not correctly informed about the virus. We received a mix between the truth and lies from exaggerated sources. For example, one source stated that the virus can kill someone within 2 weeks. This is true however this only really applies to old and infants who have inadequate immune systems. Hopefully, Vietnamese people would receive the information that there is nothing to worry and things should get back to normal.

Phuoc, Saigon South Int. School, HCMC, Vietnam

I think that social media has blown it out of proportion in the United States. However, in other countries, social media is the way to get out information about how to protect yourself from it, especially in higher-level countries that have the virus. I do agree that much of the attention it has on social media are memes and jokes. It should be informational and accurate because if it is not then it only causes more hysteria. There needs to be accurate information being put out, so that everyone can be educated and well-prepared with the necessary precautions.

Marisa Silk, Norwood High School, Norwood, MA