Winners of Our Fourth Annual Podcast Contest

Winners of Our Fourth Annual Podcast Contest

Dress Codes: Cover Up” by Delaney Church, 18, New Tech Academy at Wayne High School, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Exploding Facts — Eggs!” by Mia Tweel, 11, Luria Academy, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Gentrification = wack” by Anissa Adams, 17, Cerritos High School, Cerritos, Calif.

The Great Footsteps I Walk In” by Nikhil Damji, 14, Lakeside School, Seattle, Wash.

Hearing Loss and Me” by Evelyn Coronado Guevara, 12, Monroe Middle School, Wheaton, Ill.

Home In a Stranger” by Avishi Khyati, 16, Leeds Asian School, Patna, India

How Do You See Hula?” by Mayma G., 14, Beaverton High School, Beaverton, Ore.

An Interview With My Mom, A Broadway Actress” by Helena Baruch, 16, Trinity School, New York, N.Y.

In an Instant …” by Elizabeth Alton, 16, West End Secondary School, New York, N.Y.

I Witnessed Three Suicides — A Chat With My Mother About Death” by Cher Yan, 16, Shanghai High School International Division, Shanghai, China

Litigation and Legislation” by Jackson Barr, 14, Lakeside School, Seattle, Wash.

Living During an Anti-Asian Pandemic” by Emiliana Aragon, 15, B. F. Terry High School, Rosenberg, Texas