Word + Quiz: kerfuffle

Word + Quiz: kerfuffle

: a disorderly outburst or tumult caused by conflict

Picking a favorite bagel on National Bagel Day is bound to get any New York City mayor into trouble with some portion of his 8 million constituents, who are bound to have differing hard-held opinions.

But Bill de Blasio, following a failed presidential campaign, managed to cause a particularly unusual uproar.

… Then he crossed into treacherous territory for bagel aficionados: He said his go-to bagel was whole wheat with extra cream cheese. Toasted.

New Yorkers first responded with indignation, asserting that a good bagel should never be toasted.

Scorn immediately followed: Bagel Hole does not, in fact, toast its sacred treats.

Mr. de Blasio quickly deleted the post, and added a corrected version that removed all mention of the word toast.

He seemed to take the kerfuffle in stride, responding to one critic: “What can I say, I must have a hole in my memory.”