4 don’ts of successful blog

4 don’ts of successful blog

4 don'ts of successful blog

You often ask us what to do to make your blog grow. Should you write more? Pay for promotion? Invest more? Unfortunately, there is no one simple rule you can follow. What you can do instead, is learn about things that help you grow and those which can hurt your blog. Today we are sharing with you a simple list of 4 DON’TS of a successful blog.

#1 A successful blog isn’t cluttered!

Don’t pack your site with unnecessary design elements and images. Less is more! If your site takes too long to load people will get bored and go somewhere else.

Make sure that content that is important for you is clearly visible. Decide what is the core of your site and make it pop up.

Decluttering your blog to make it succeed

If you have a blog, you want your new and featured content to be visible somewhere at the top of your site and your bio information somewhere at the bottom. With personal websites (if you are a book author or a coach) you may prefer to reverse this order.

#2 Avoid harsh colors and Unreadable Fonts

It is mostly a matter of preferences however, the general rule of thumb will be staying away from loud or bold color schemes and colored post areas. Also, your fonts should be readable. Script fonts are fine for logos but keep with a basic font for posts. Don’t make your audience work. They should feel comfortable while visiting your site.

Not all color combinations will be good for the eye. Something that may look good for a moment may become annoying when you need to look at it for a longer period of time.

Try to look on your site as you would be just a normal visitor and decide on your own if you would be able to read all the content without any problems.

To give you some idea about not so good colors and fonts combinations below you will find a text written in two fonts – Opulent and Geometrica.

Example of good and bad font pair for a successful blog

Even thou both sides are using the same fonts, text on the left is much easier to read. Using too light fonts, too dark background for darker fonts or capitalized script fonts is usually a bad idea if you are not experienced in design.

If you looking for font advice make sure to visit our typography section.

#3 Don’t be incompatible

Nowadays the most important thing for every website is its compatibility with mobile devices. Our statistics say that over 30% of you are browsing Designer Blogs on mobile devices. You want to make sure that those visitors can also read your posts and access all content.

It can be achieved by picking a design that is mobile responsive.

All our premade Blogger and WordPress themes (and the custom made ones!) are mobile responsive to make sure your site looks perfect on different screen sizes.

#4 Weak navigation is your enemy

Your audience should know what your site is about the second they arrive. Navbars and drop-down menus can help with organization. We can help you with adding and setting them up so make sure to visit our accessories shop.

People don’t want to hassle trying to find your information. But your site shouldn’t contain too many buttons either. You want to give direct information without confusing your reader. My general rule of thumb is not more than 7 buttons on the main menu.

You should avoid getting so many menu buttons that they cover more than one horizontal line when viewed on the computer screen.

Do you have a successful blog?

Share your tips in the comments below and let us all learn together. For more tutorials and blogging tips visit our huge tutorial database.

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