A learner from the Netherlands succeeds with a BAAS from the University of North Texas

A learner from the Netherlands succeeds with a BAAS from the University of North Texas

Daniella is a new graduate of the University of North Texas (UNT). She recently earned a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) with a concentration in media innovation. Daniella is an international student from the Netherlands who faced many challenges when she was first searching for a degree program that could meet all of her needs. However, she soon discovered UNT and their partnership with Coursera.

Before starting her classes with UNT, Daniella was studying international marketing management at a local university in the Netherlands. She completed two internships while in school there, but she ultimately found the course structures and limited resources didn’t work for her. Daniella realized that she needed a university and a platform that provided plenty of student support, which led her to UNT and Coursera.

A university enrollment coach guided her in the beginning, which left Daniella feeling very upbeat about the start of her experience with UNT. “It was refreshing with the enrollment process, conducted by my enrollment coach, as she would call me by phone, and walk me through each step of the process. She even called to congratulate me once I was accepted into the UNT BAAS program. It was so positive, I expected more from my journey with UNT.”

Daniella was already familiar with Coursera by the time she started the BAAS program because one of her sisters also used the platform. In fact, this is how she found the program in the first place. Even so, she was still pleasantly surprised by the program’s flexibility, as she could apply many of her past courses from other institutions as credit towards her degree from UNT. She realized the program’s potential immediately and dove in with excitement.

Today, Daniella praises the program for its out-of-the-box thinking and practical approach to learning. She says she was able to expand her knowledge of American culture and learn more about the city of Denton, Texas (where UNT is located). Daniella liked having opportunities to learn about nonprofits and participate in community service even while overseas. She also studied with a diverse student body, gaining insights and perspectives from the different cultural backgrounds of her fellow learners.

When talking about her favorite parts of the BAAS program, Daniella emphasizes her appreciation for the connections she had to instructors and staff. Through the technology available to her, she could attend live video sessions and correspond via email or Slack. As someone with a busy schedule, Daniella found it helpful that she could access all her course outlines and agendas for planning purposes. She also enjoyed having reading materials in both electronic and hardcopy formats for each course.

Balancing work, school, and life can be demanding for anyone. But Daniella made it happen by staying organized through detailed planning. And she advises other learners like her to trust their support systems. Daniella says assistance was always available during her time in the program, and the instructors are very resourceful with the additional help they provide.

In celebration of her success in the program, Daniella participated in an online commencement ceremony, complete with cap and gown while her family watched proudly. Now that she’s earned her degree, she’ll next pursue a career in digital marketing and take additional courses from UNT to support her professional goals.

Daniella’s story is a testament to the great opportunity of accessible learning. If you want to build practical skills in a flexible online degree program with a diverse student body, then the BAAS program from UNT that was right for Daniella may be right for you too.

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