Add Watermark to Photos with Canva

Add Watermark to Photos with Canva

How to add watermark to photos using canva

Watermarks are those half-transparent images or texts which you can place over the photo to make sure that none will steal them. If you have a blog or if you post content online it is something you should learn. In this tutorial, I will show you that adding watermark to photos is easy and will take you only a few seconds.

What program should I use?

You can pick any graphic software to add your watermark; however, in this tutorial, I will be using Canva as it is one of the most popular free online tools.

With Canva, you will add watermark to your photos for free. With the convenient phone app included, you can post them to your social media directly from the Canva editor.

Adding Watermark to Photo

Before you start, make sure to prepare a photo you would like to use and a watermark.

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For this tutorial, I will be using the following materials:

Sample photo which will be used for watermark tutorial
Designer Blogs Watermark

Feel free to save them and use them for training purposes. Once you have your photo and watermark ready, you can go to the Canva site.

#1 Create a new design

Log in to your Canva account and click on ‘create a design’ on the left.

Create a design in Canva to add a watermark to your photo

Alternatively, you can use the search field in the center of the screen. Both options will show you available project types.

Feel free to pick any size you like. If you just want to add watermark to photo for a blog post, select a custom size image and set it to your photo width and height

Choose your design size in Canva

Remember that with the free version of Canva, you can’t resize an already created project. If you need it to have a different size, you will need to create a new design.

#2 Upload your files

In the new window, go to the ‘Uploads’ tab on the left and add your photos by choosing ‘upload an image or video’ button on the top or by dragging images from your computer directly to the dark area under the button.

Upload a photo to which you want to add a watermark

All uploaded files will be accessible from this place until you remove them. It means that you need to upload your watermark just once, and you can then use it for all your projects.

#3 Add a watermark to your photo

Drag and drop photos from the uploaded files section to the working area on the right.

If you want it to cover the whole area, make sure to drag it to the top before dropping it.

Now add your watermark. You can either click on in on the left upload files area or drag and drop it over your photo. Once added, move it to the desired place

#4 Change opacity

Watermarks are usually half transparent. When we create them for our customers, we save them that way to make the process faster for those who will be using them. If you created your watermark and it isn’t half-transparent, you can play with transparency settings in your Canva panel.

Make sure that your watermark layer is selected and navigate to the transparency button above your editing area.

Change the transparency level

Use the scroll to set the transparency level. On the example above, I have set it to 31, and I think it works perfectly with the photo.

#5 Save your work

When a watermark is added to the photo, click on the ‘Publish’ button in the top right corner and go for the ‘Download’ option if you do not plan to publish your photo immediately.

Save options avaiable in Canva

Canva will ask you for a few more details, to make sure the file is saved correctly. You can choose between various file formats. If you are working on a photo for your post, use JPG unless you do not care about the file size and want the images to be as good as possible. In that case, go for PNG.

I use JPG for all post photos and PNG for social media.

Here is how the final photo looks like. I have saved it as JPG with default Canva settings:

Finished photo with watermark added in canva

I hope the tutorial was helpful and you learned how to add watermark to photos! If you have any questions, make sure to let me know in the comments below.