Alyssa Turned Her Love For Relationship-Building Into A Successful Tech Career

Alyssa Turned Her Love For Relationship-Building Into A Successful Tech Career

Meet Alyssa! Alyssa graduated from De La Salle University in 2014 and started working in the media industry as a TV host and producer. After a year, she decided to explore the creative side of media, and enrolled in the New York Film Academy to learn camera work and video editing. Upon graduating, she landed a video editor position in Singapore. “My job in Singapore was different from the ones before—I was dealing directly with clients. This is where I discovered I really enjoyed building relationships with people.”

When Alyssa lost her job due to the pandemic, she began to think about her career path, and what industry she was truly interested in. “I didn’t know what to do during the pandemic. I didn’t have anything stable, and I was doing a lot of freelancing.” Alyssa loved connecting with people, building relationships, and had always had an interest in working in the tech industry. “I’ve always been inspired by tech companies. There’s always something innovative that they’re launching. They’re always willing to try new things.”

She started researching how to transition into a new career field and discovered the Salesforce Sales Development Representative Professional Certificate program on Coursera. “I knew that Salesforce was widely used in the tech industry, and having this certification would give me an edge-up when applying to jobs in tech sales.” Now, she’s an Internal Communication Specialist at a tech start-up. 

“If I could offer one word of advice, it’s to just go for it. I know you’ve been thinking about it! It can be scary leaving an industry you’re comfortable in, but don’t be afraid to start over. There are resources like Coursera that can help you reach your career goals.”