Blueprint for success: Lisa’s degree story began with two certificates from HEC Paris

Blueprint for success: Lisa’s degree story began with two certificates from HEC Paris

Lisa is a proud mom and homeschool teacher in Barbados, the most easterly island of the Caribbean Archipelago. She dreams of starting a business that supports other businesses caring for their employees. She wants to provide them with health services that feel safe to access. With this dream in mind, Lisa is earning her MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from HEC Paris. But how’d she find her way to this inventive program from the business school ranked first in Europe by the Financial Times? She began with two University Certificates from HEC Paris, earning credit towards the degree program before she ever even enrolled in it.

You see, learners like Lisa have multiple University Certificates to choose from, if they want to get a valuable credential now while also seeing if further learning might be for them. Lisa chose the Leading Innovation With Creativity University Certificate and the Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship University Certificate. “HEC Paris certificates stood out for me because they are credit eligible and there is a clear path shown to the MSc program,” she reveals, adding, “Doing the certificates helped me to enroll because I thought it was a good indication of the degree workload and expectations.”

With the online format, Lisa found she could learn at her own pace without straining her time or finances. She could estimate the time her studies would take her each week, and she’d spend a few hours on the program most days. Lisa describes the Coursera platform as easy to navigate, emphasizing she’s able to keep a record of her accomplishments and benefit from valuable feedback. She appreciated getting the viewpoints of her peers via discussion prompts too, and she enjoys the congratulatory messages she receives when she finishes a task because it feels like a celebration of her success.

From her certificate programs to her degree program, Lisa notes, “All the effort put in has value. Each course complements the other in the way it is built and delivered.” She also mentions, “The courses are all interesting on their own. The information can be applied right away. Tangible results are experienced.” Looking back now on her experience, Lisa tells us she was able to go beyond acquiring knowledge by learning how to apply and refine it as well. When asked why she preferred learning from HEC Paris on Coursera, Lisa says the university is globally recognized with great staff and strong alumni—plus, the cost isn’t prohibitive and it’s accessible because of the online platform.

Lisa goes on to say that the skills she’s learned have helped her change careers. She cites new strategic skills for innovation and negotiation, as well as new design skills for creativity and organization. She also highlights new skills in areas like leadership, marketing, analysis, and communication. Ultimately, Lisa tells us she’s learned so much both personally and professionally, gaining a wonderful perspective on how she and her business can thrive.
For other learners who may be considering a similar path with HEC Paris, Lisa wants you to know that learning online doesn’t mean you’re learning alone. She points out the people who’ll support you want you to succeed, and that you can make use of the many available resources while also asking for help when you need it. If you’re thinking of switching or advancing your career in the business world, check out the MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship today and see if earning a University Certificate from HEC Paris could be one of your first steps.