Custom Design Feature | Chew Chew Mama

Custom Design Feature | Chew Chew Mama

We love doing custom designs for people with passion! Cindy, also known as Chew Chew Mama, is one of them. She’s a return customer who needed to upgrade her blog to a website to better support the growth of her site. Here’s a look at the original blog design we created for her:

It was a blog design full of fun colors and featured a simple recent post slider. Cindy wanted her upgraded website to have a more minimalistic and modern look.

Finding the perfect style

We started the project by finding colors and fonts that complimented Cindy’s vision. She loved her logo and but decided, in keeping with her new modern look, that she wanted to change it to a simple sleek font, possibly mixed with a handwritten font. We played around with a few font options and tried a pink/mint color comibination for the site colors. Here are the first three options we created:

Once Cindy saw the previews, she decided she wasn’t loving the color combos. This is why previews are created–to help put the clients vision down onto paper so that the vision can be tweeked until we get it just right. It’s a wonderful and necessary part of the design process. Sometimes a clients vision doesn’t translate into something they actually like once it’s put onto paper and so it then gives them the opportunity to try alternative options that maybe they hadn’t thought about before. Mood boards help to fine tune the vision into something the client can’t wait to have brought to life.

Finally, after a few revisions, we were able to help Cindy find a color palette and logo style she loved. Here is the final mood board version:

Creating the website design

Building Cindy’s new website took us a few months because it was such a huge overhaul, which required building custom content pages and custom functionalities for her site. We strongly recommend that you hop over to her site to check out the live version.

Here is a full-length view of the final website design:

Click here to view larger

Final thoughts

We love how clean, tidy, and modern the site ended up looking! Because she went with a more subtle color palette, it really allows her beautiful photos to shine and stand as strong focal points.

If you are looking for a custom blog or website design, visit our Custom Design Services page for more info and to request a quote.