Delve into criminal minds with Criminology at Griffith University

Delve into criminal minds with Criminology at Griffith University

Why do people commit crimes? How can some people do what others find deplorable? When you study the Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice with Griffith University through Open Universities Australia (OUA), you’ll learn about the psychology behind criminal behaviour, the causes and prevention of crime, and the role of criminal justice institutions.

Hot criminal topics, taught by world-class experts

As one of the biggest criminology schools Australia-wide and globally, Griffith University has a reputation for high standards of research and teaching.

“We talk about topics that get students fired-up like racism and inequality in Australian Society,” says Dr Elise Sargeant, one of Griffith University’s world-class experts and lecturers.

“As long as crime exists, people will be interested in discovering the reasons behind it. We look to criminologists to answer questions underlying issues like human trafficking, drugs, cybercrime, domestic violence, and problems with institutions and prisons.”

“Crime isn’t just about bad people, but the contexts those people live or interact in,” says Elise. “The course looks at theoretical perspectives that can explain a range of social problems in Australian society. We look at crime alongside disadvantage, racism, and gender equality.”

Alongside Dr Elise Sargeant in teaching at Griffith University is Dr Aaron Sell, who hails from the United States. He is one of only six people in the world who studies crime from an evolutionary point of view.

In his subject Evolutionary Criminology, students study aggression by looking at why two animals fight to unlock insights in criminology. Aaron also teaches Offender Profiling – a popular subject in which students are given a real life example of an unsolved case, including materials and photographs. The challenge is to reconstruct the crime.

Louise Sargeant, lecturer at Griffith University.

Discover where you can take your degree

After you graduate, your qualification could lead to a number of exciting roles in policing, security, probation, parole and child protection. You could work in regulatory agencies, government departments, private enterprises, the court and more.

Why study criminology online?

Study online, and you’ll have access to everything you need to complete your degree from the comfort of home – meaning you can juggle work and family between your studies. You’ll have access to all lecture content, take part in collaborative sessions (where you talk directly to your lecturer and ask questions), post on discussion boards, and use other technology to interact with your fellow students.

What’s more, thanks to the new mini-lecture format at Griffith University you can binge-watch a range of videos on different topics all in one go – on the train, when you’re waiting at the doctor’s, wherever. It’s that easy.

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