Driving Measurable Skills Development with Coursera for Business

Driving Measurable Skills Development with Coursera for Business

By Shwetabh Mittal, Director, Product Management

2019 was an unprecedented year for Coursera for Business. With advancing technology and globalization reshaping the future of work, skills development has become a mandate among institutions. Organizations wanting to compete in the changing economy look to Coursera to develop the skills of the future. This year, we grew that network to 2,000 organizations worldwide. We drove data-literacy and digital transformation for Fortune 500 companies like Novartis and Exelon and partnered with governments in the Middle East and Latin America to upskill workforces on a national scale. 

As our global network scaled, so did our enterprise product. Our goal is to equip customers with a product experience that drives impact through measurable skills development across their organization. This year, we rolled out new features to empower our customers to better build, manage, and measure learning programs. We built data-driven tools to measure ROI, made our learning solution easy to integrate, and above all, created an engaging learner experience. 

Measuring skills development

Capturing outcomes is necessary for any successful learning program. We developed the Skills Development Dashboards to provide customers with skills-based metrics that measure learning outcomes in more detail than before. Using these dashboards, customers can report on powerful insights such as learner proficiency by top skills, hours to skills mastery, and skills mastery over time. They can also benchmark their skills profile against industry peers to gain an understanding of their competitive positioning. These dashboards run off of our Skills Graph and a variant of the Elo chess algorithm, and are based on anonymized learning and assessment performance data from Coursera’s vast learner and content base. 

Integrated learning programs 

Our new features support integrated learning programs that are easy to deploy and manage. This year, we introduced new contract options that offer flexibility in allocating and managing licenses across various departments, teams, and roles.

We’ve also upped the integration capabilities of our enterprise product within an organizations’ existing systems. There is now seamless LMS integration for the top four LMS providers and, on top of that, we can build a custom integration with a company’s homegrown LMS using our business APIs. This makes for smoother learner, curriculum, and progress management. 

A learner-first experience 

Setting the learner up for success is the most powerful way to drive impact. We released new features to help learners reach their goals and meet them where they are. Our new calendar sync feature, for example, sets course deadlines in a learner’s own calendar so that learning is seamlessly a part of their routine. Learning also doesn’t have to stop at the office door. With Coursera in the car, learners can continue learning on the go, whether it’s on the daily commute or enroute to a power lunch. 

We also expanded the range of learning options available through our enterprise platforms. With Novartis as the first customer, we are now offering top master’s degrees on Coursera through our enterprise platform. This enables more diverse skills development pathways, allowing enterprise learners to select from individual courses to gain basic skills proficiency, Specializations for more intermediate proficiency, and master’s programs to achieve advanced proficiency.  

Coursera for Business drives measurable skills development by delivering a product experience that enables customers to execute seamlessly on learning programs. Looking ahead, we will continue to build a product experience that offers granular skills insights, seamless enterprise integrations, and advanced learner communication tools. 

For more information about the Coursera for Business offering, visit coursera.org/business

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